MOVING FROM MY CENTER by Stella Matsuda SDG Festival 2015 presenter

Sacred Dance Guild Journal


I teach several dance classes and tai chi classes in my community. I enjoy connecting with these people, many of whom have never experienced movement. And what a joy it is to see how movement begins to enrich their lives.

Stella Matsuda DancingTwo of my dance classes are titled: Moving Through the Center. At first, students may not quite understand what this means. But after several weeks, all the dancers, even the very inexperienced and beginning dancers, say to me, this is the perfect description of what we are doing in class. For to me, dance is not about making “poses or designs,” but moving one’s body fully in and through space. It’s about finding the center of your body, of your movement and from there, radiating outwards into space. So finding that center, that core–and here I do not mean what so many exercises talk…

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